Advanced Media Restoration

Digital tape transfers

We are able to transfer many types of digital tape including:

DAT Cassettes

ADAT (44.1k & 48k, 16 & 20 Bit)

(Up to 3 machines in sync)

24 & 48 Track Sony DASH

Sony F1 Betamax

Sony U-Matic 1600 / 1610 / 1630

We use multiple MOTU 2408 MK3 interfaces with Tascam IF88SD TDIF converters for the DASH machines and a TC Digital Konnekt X32 Digital Patchbay for the DATs.

The patchbay enables us to transfer mutiple DAT tapes at once for quick turnaround on large scale archive jobs through our bank of Tascam DAT machines.  All Transfers are done digitally excluding the F1's, which use a Sony PCM-701es converter (one with the Audio & Design CTC mod & one without, to be able to cope with both types of recordings) with balanced outputs, fed in to either the MOTU 2408 or HD192.

Sony F1 & U-Matic 16x0 format tapes are probably the most difficult to reliably transfer as when the decoder unit detects a fault as it mutes the affected channel, leaving a short gap in the recording. It can take many passes of a track to get a glitch free transfer and in extreme cases, digital editing is required to rebuild a track from multiple passes. In these cases, you will be given the edited file and component parts for your reference. It is imperitive to monitor these tapes on headphones to attempt to get a fault free pass, as the glitches can be extremely short.

Transfers can either be uploaded to our fileserver for download or delivered on DVD or customer supplied USB stick or hard drive. We can also supply a variety of storage devices on request.


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